Fixed Wire Testing

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is an inspection on the condition of an existing
electrical installation. The purpose of this is to identify (in order of priority) any deficiencies based
on the national safety standard for electrical installations. The process is to check visually and
physically testing fixed installations such as electrical wiring, circuits, accessories, and connections
and is based on inspecting and testing the entire electrical system within your premises.

Why Test?

The electrical inspection and testing identifies deficiencies within an electrical installation, before they become serious hazards. Over time all electrical installations deteriorate due to age, loading,
wear and tear, mechanical damage, overheating, environment and poor maintenance etc.

Legislation requires electrical installation to be maintained in a safe condition and therefore, must
be periodically inspected and tested.

Included within the Fixed Wire Testing service are:

Why Choose KCFM?

It’s important to choose a company with the right knowledge and experience. If the work isn’t carried out thoroughly and carefully first time, it’s likely to lead to more problems later on.
KCFM has over 15 years of experience in carrying out duct cleaning in commercial kitchens. We provide certificates upon completion of work, and all work is carried out to TR19 standard cleaning levels.