Commercial Equipment Maintenance and Testing

KCFM offers proactive commercial equipment maintenance programmes to businesses across Liverpool and the North West. We help maintain the vital equipment that your kitchen relies on. We also provide reactive equipment maintenance services for those times when things don’t go according to plan.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

In the harsh environments of commercial kitchens, grease and contaminants build up on surfaces and in crevices. This causes deterioration of the performance of vital equipment. In addition, equipment can deteriorate over time with general use. Eventually, this deterioration can cause equipment to malfunction or break down, which can be costly in terms of both repair and replacement, and lost business.

Our maintenance and testing services mean your kitchen can stay operational and avoid unexpected shutdowns.

Why Choose KCFM?

When it comes to maintaining the safe operation of equipment, you need to choose a company with the right skills and knowledge to deliver a quality service. Choosing a reliable partner who you can trust to do the job properly, and to schedule, is vital.
KCFM has over 15 years of experience in delivering facilities management services in commercial kitchens. We work with businesses from a wide range of industries across the North West, helping them to keep their kitchens operational, so they don’t lose out on important income.