Fire Damage and Dilapidation Cleaning

We deliver industrial deep clean services in warehouses and factories in Liverpool and across the North West. Whether you are looking for regularly scheduled deep cleaning for maintenance and hygiene purposes, or you require a one-off restoration deep clean, we can help.

Fire Damage

The impact of fire damage can be catastrophic for a business. Particularly when it comes to property and stock loss or damage, and also lost income due to closure . Therefore the faster you can get things back up and running, the quicker you can start to recover from the losses incurred.
KCFM’s professional industrial deep clean services help your business to minimise downtime and get back to being fully operational as quickly as possible.
After a fire, it is imperative that cleaning is carried out to the highest possible standards. If soot is not entirely removed, it can have a detrimental effect on both health, and building structures. Additionally, water remaining from extinguishing the blaze can contain hazardous substances left over from the fire. Obviously, all of this needs to be thoroughly and extensively cleaned.

Dilapidation Cleaning

If you are a tenant leasing a commercial property, you likely have certain legal and contractual obligations to carry out (or pay for) restoration works at the end of your lease (known as dilapidations).
Insufficient cleaning is a major reason for disputes at the end of a lease, and can become costly. Therefore it makes sense to employ the services of experienced professionals, to ensure that doesn’t happen.
KCFM can help you to meet your obligations, thus avoiding costly claims for damages or loss of rent.

Why Choose KCFM for Industrial Deep Clean Services?

KCFM has over 15 years of experience carrying out industrial deep cleans in warehouses and factories in Liverpool and beyond.
We understand the urgency and potential losses involved when the worst happens, and we are here to ensure that those losses are minimised. In addition, we can offer guidance on your obligations when it comes to dilapidations and end of lease cleaning.