Duct Cleaning

We provide TR19 standard Duct Cleaning in commercial kitchens across the North West. All of our kitchen duct cleaning offers HVAC compliance, to meet COSHH regulatory requirements. 

Working with clients across Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire, we ensure that you meet your insurance and fire risk assessment obligations.

Why Is Kitchen Duct Cleaning Important?

Businesses have not only a duty of care, but a legal obligation to ensure that all duct work which forms part of the HVAC system is kept clean. Additionally, most insurance companies require regular cleaning of all duct work.

This is particularly important in commercial kitchens, where grease builds up in extractor systems, and humid environments can encourage bacteria growth. Grease buildup can cause a severe fire hazard if not dealt with. 

The accumulation of grease in duct work not only presents significant safety issues, it is also very unhygienic. This means that in food preparation areas, kitchen duct cleaning is an absolute necessity if you wish to meet health and safety standards, and those set out by your local authority.

In addition to safety and hygiene issues, you should have your duct work cleaned regularly by trained professionals in order to:

Why Choose KCFM?

It’s important to choose a company with the right knowledge and experience. If the work isn’t carried out thoroughly and carefully first time, it’s likely to lead to more problems later on.
KCFM has over 15 years of experience in carrying out duct cleaning in commercial kitchens. We provide certificates upon completion of work, and all work is carried out to TR19 standard cleaning levels.