Industrial Facilities Management

KCFM has over 15 years of experience delivering top quality industrial facilities management services in manufacturing, warehouse, and factory settings. We are proud to work with clients throughout the North West.
KCFM has all the necessary experience and expertise needed to meet the highly specialist requirements within these settings, ensuring that everything runs perfectly. From safety and hygiene, to efficiency and reputation, it’s vital that your site is kept clean. That’s where we come in.

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Fire Damage Restoration

The impact of fire damage can be catastrophic for a business. KCFM’s professional deep clean services help your business to minimise downtime and get back to being fully operational as quickly as possible after a fire.
Our specialist fire damage restoration service delivers outstanding results and helps you to minimise the losses incurred as a result of down time.

Cold Storage Cleaning

Our industrial facilities management and cleaning services include deep cleaning of cold storage facilities. It’s vital that businesses maintain a safe and sterile environment for food and pharmaceutical storage. That’s why it is so important that professional deep cleans are included as part of your maintenance schedule.

Extraction Cleaning

HVAC systems play an extremely important role in industrial settings. By helping to remove dust, debris, and contaminants from the environment, they in turn help to keep your staff healthy.
Ultimately, extraction cleaning and duct cleaning in production plants and manufacturing facilities help to maintain a safer, more pleasant working environment. In addition, these services will  help you to meet your obligations with regards to fire safety, and therefore stay compliant with your insurance.

High level factory and warehouse cleaning

Any cleaning carried out at height presents a potential safety risk. Therefore you should always employ the services of qualified, experienced professionals to carry out high level cleaning.
KCFM will carry out a full risk assessment before any high level cleaning is undertaken, so that we can ensure that proper safety measures are followed.