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KCFM – Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Liverpool

KCFM Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Based in Liverpool – we offer commercial kitchen deep cleaning services across the North West.

In any area where food is prepared and served, it’s vital to ensure the highest possible levels of cleanliness and hygiene. That’s why so many schools, nursing homes, leisure facilities and businesses have been choosing KCFM to clean their kitchens for over 15 years.

Meeting your obligations

All commercial kitchens are legally required to comply with strict standards of health and safety, and hygiene. Failure to do so can lead to hefty fines, loss of reputation, and even potential criminal charges in cases where that negligence results in harm to someone.

All surfaces, equipment, and fixtures and fittings must be thoroughly cleaned regularly, and this must be documented.

KCFM provides certificates upon completion of all work, which will help you to stay compliant with your obligations under the Health and Safety Act, and the Food Hygiene Act. The services we provide will also help you to ensure that you meet the required standards set out by your Local Authority (‘scores on the doors’ programme).

Additionally, we can help you with insurance compliance, and meeting your obligations under fire safety regulations.

Our commercial kitchen deep cleaning services include:

  • General cleaning
  • Grease removal
  • Structural cleaning
  • High level cleaning
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Deep fat fryer cleaning
  • Filter cleaning
  • Duct cleaning
  • Extraction cleaning
  • Service counter cleaning
  • Floor cleaning

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